Our Story

About Wear Your Secret 

Wear Your Secret was founded to connect people with love and to promote self-love. When a gift is given, it is usually not the thing itself that makes you happy, but the thought that was put into it. We want to make it easy to show this gesture by offering a piece of affordable jewelry with inspirational, empowering, and meaningful words spelled out in Morse Code so that one can wear it secretly close to their heart and keep it personal. 

 We are all about positivity, and we want to support everything that helps bring happiness to people and the earth. We donate a portion of our sales to multiple non-profit organizations dedicated to helping local environmental and community issues. We also strive to eliminate unnecessary waste and do our best to be eco-friendly, both in the office and in our personal lives.

About the Founders

Wear Your Secret was founded by Mia and Jasmine, a mother-daughter duo who are also best friends. After going through a tough year together, Mia and Jasmine set out on personal journeys in search of fulfillment, learning to meditate, changing their diets, and keeping an open mind in pursuit of happiness and personal growth. In the course of their journeys, they learned that having a love for one’s self is one of the most important keys to feeling happy. They joined forces to create Wear Your Secret to help spread their message of happiness. They both reside in NYC, and Jasmine’s dog, Pogo, a rescue beagle mix, is often in the office to help out.