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There's no need to publicize the meaningful and inspirational word you want to keep close to your heart. That's why the words are spelled out in Morse Code

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"So excited to share your beautiful creations that will bring much needed strength and inspiration to cancer patients and their families. I wore mine throughout my whole journey, never taking it off. It's such a little thing but it made all the difference to have that constant reminder. Bless you and all who helped in the process!"

Stephanie T

"Just sent a 'Daughter' necklace to my daughter who left for college. She loved it! It's a sweet reminder that she will always be my little love."

Jen A.

"Currently studying for a hard exam and my boyfriend just gave me your 'Believe' bracelet, and it's perfect! It's a reminder to believe in myself and never give up!"

Caitlin M.